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September 2005 Meeting Program

Small Business Office Organization Tips

Presented by Jana Hartwell, Owner
Sensible Organizing Solutions

Organize Your Workspace & Habits - Be More Efficient & Effective

Can you usually find what you need within five seconds or less? Is stored information on the computer or in your paper files easy to retrieve by you and others? Do you consistently arrive at meetings and client appointments on time and well-prepared? Are your daily routines as efficient and effective as they can be? These are all questions that successful business owners and managers should ask themselves if they want to stay successful!

A well-organized, clutter-free environment promotes positive energy flow and increased productivity. This results in more time for you to focus on your priorities with a clear head and confident direction.

About Our Speaker

Dedicated to helping smart, busy professionals de-clutter and organize their lives, Ms. Jana Hartwell, founded Sensible Organizing Solutions in 1998. She creates organizing systems tailored to suit each client's unique style of working and living while demonstrating how to stay organized, once the systems are set up.

Jana Hartwell
Jana Hartwell, Sensible Organizing

Jana is a two-term Past President and Golden Circle member of the San Diego Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She currently chairs their Coaching, Advising and Training program and is often sought after by other organizers for her "hands-on" training clinics and business coaching.

Prior to starting her professional organizing business, Jana managed projects and set up business systems in fields such as private investigation, health care, real estate and bio-tech. This unique background has enhanced her natural ability to evaluate any disorganized situation, determine a sensible course of action and create more efficient systems and procedures for her clients.

Member Advancement & Announcement

The following Application for Advancement has been received. If you have any comments on the application, please contact Membership Chair Pamela Bensoussan, ASA.

Michele Daniels, G.G., C.G., A.J.P.

Application for advancement from Candidate to Accredited Member (AM)

Patty Sullivan


Patty Sullivan, Candidate

Patty is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and joined ASA in 2004. She has just completed all of ASA's Valuation courses for Gems & Jewelry and is now working towards her Master Gemologist accreditation experience requirements.

President's Message
Kim Ufford

Welcome back from our summer “dark period.” I hope everyone had a prosperous and enjoyable summer.

All has not been quiet however. In July, the board and other interested members held a brainstorming session over lunch. Most of the discussion centered around how much of our budget to spend on advertising and how those funds should be spread among the various alternatives.

After much vigorous discussion a consensus emerged that we should renew our advertisement in the annual bar association directory and use Jan’s expertise to establish an internet based key word search campaign. Key words would be selected to draw traffic for each of the disciplines to our chapter web site. Ideas for key words that a potential client might try are in the process of being generated. If you have any suggestions, please bring them up at a monthly meeting or contact one of your board members.

We also discussed changing the location of our monthly meeting occasionally; for both variety and to generate better attendance. David Bowie, ASA, is spearheading that effort. If you have any suggestions of venues please pass them on to David.

I am looking forward to an exciting year in the chapter. See you at the September 20th meeting.

Kim Ufford, AM

Member News

Pamela Bensoussan, ASA Appointed to Chula Vista Planning Commission

Pamela shown with
Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla

Pamela has been appointed by the Mayor and City Council to a four-year term on the Chula Vista Planning Commission. She has served for several years on the Chula Vista Resource Conservation Commission and has been an active participant on various advisory committees involved in the City’s general plan update and urban core revitalization. A longtime advocate of partnering historic preservation with urban renewal, Pamela received the Congress of History of San Diego and Imperial Counties Award of Honor in 2002, and in 2004 she was named Chula Vista’s Historic Preservationist of the Year. She is an Accredited Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers. She is both a personal property appraiser specializing in Oriental rugs, art and antiques and a real estate appraiser focusing on historic properties.

"What's your family heirloom really worth?" Article at Bankrate.com

Pamela Bensoussan, ASA, was recently interviewed for the above article on the Bankrate.com website.

"People realize they might have some things that are valuable lurking in their closets and attics," says Pamela Bensoussan, owner of Bensoussan & Associates, an appraisal and consulting firm in Chula Vista, CA.

But, like the lottery, not every entry is a winner when it comes to cash value. "So many times an item resembles something you see in a book, or on TV, but it's really quite different," she says.

Read the entire article including more quotes from Pamela. (PDF file - Adobe Reader required)

San Diego Chapter Website

A slow summer? Our website stats don't reflect it!

  June 2005 July 2005 Aug 2005
Total Visitors 417 388 409
Unique Visitors 322 299 307
Number of visitors who went to the "Locate an Appraiser" page 178 175 173

Search Engine Advertising for your website...

PPC (pay-per-click) is defined as the guaranteed placement of a small "ad" on the search results page for a specific keyword or keywords in return for a specified payment, but ONLY when a visitor clicks on that ad to visit your website. The advertiser pays nothing to appear on the results page; they only pay the amount they have agreed to (or bid for) when someone actually clicks on their ad and is taken to their landing page; therefore, the term "pay per click".

A PPC listing on a search engine results page typically consists of a title, which usually is your website's name or perhaps a short heading and also a short description of your service or some promotional wording. Some PPC search engines strictly control the text that can appear in the listing, while others are more open to using the advertiser's own text.

The two major PPC companies - Google & Yahoo - serve the majority of internet users. They both offer advertising programs. Each is a little different in the mechanics of setting up a campaign and the actual workings of it.

If you wish to read more details about their programs, below are links to their Help functions.

Google AdWords:

Yahoo Search Marketing:
Link to 'How Sponsored Search Works'
(Flash Presentation)

Currently both Yahoo and Google programs deliver targeted pay-per-click ads via their own search engines and a host of partner sites like MSN, AOL & Earthlink.

Georgie's Corner

Hurricane Katrina – Appraisers Provide Assistance

Our hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The images of disaster and suffering will stay with us forever, as this horrific destruction of life and property goes into the history books as one of America’s worst tragedies.

After immediate survival needs are met, many appraisers will be called upon to provide professional opinions regarding the nature and value of losses to commercial & residential real estate, business and personal income and economic damages, as well as residential contents, art, antiques and collectibles. Some of this “stuff” will be monetarily very significant – ante-bellum historic homes, fabulous mansions, huge factories and expensive business assets – and some will be humble dwellings and mom & pop operations.

I personally have worked on numerous disaster loss cases, from the 1970’s fire in Montecito to the Cedar fires of 2003, and know that the losses are not just about money. Yes, there are the valuable paintings and antiques – which so many owners have never had appraised, and now that they are lost forever, or just fragments remain – become the subject of much appraisal debate and dispute, but no insurance pay out can replace the wedding photos, the baby’s bronzed shoes, all the things that are the physical and spiritual symbols of our life’s journey.

Georgie Stillman

We all place enormous emotional value on things associated with our family history, our personal triumphs and losses. It is the appraiser’s job to consider all the lost property, whether monetarily significant or not, with respect for the victim’s connection to the object, and the emotional suffering involved in the loss. I am proud to know our ASA professionals will be leaders in providing this service to the victims and those in a position to make retribution, be it insurance companies, the various government agencies or even for IRS uninsured loss calculations, and to do so in a humane and considerate manner.

Georgie Stillman, ASA

ASA San Diego Meetings
Meeting Group


After over 20 years of holding the dinner & program cost to $20, the Board has had to raise the cost to $25 due to ever rising menu costs from the Hilton. Although the increased fee does not cover the entire cost of the dinner & program, your Board wishes to keep the chapter meetings affordable for our members.

Join us on October 18th for "Technology & Appraising"
with Lynn & Thom Underwood, ASA

Let's explore what technology REALLY means to the modern profession of appraising gems and jewelry. We'll examine the implementation of specific technology that can ease the demands of gems and jewelry appraising while improving accuracy, appraiser confidence, business marketing, and our bottom line.

Help make San Diego Chapter ASA Meetings meaningful in your professional life – sponsor a meeting by planning a program to help you in your business practice! Call Georgie with your ideas and sponsor date!

California Bar Association Convention

San Diego Members Volunteer to Promote Local ASA Appraisers

ASA newspaper
Los Angeles member
Melvin Finebery, ASA (MTS) with
George LeBaron, ASA
(Marine Vessels)

Many thanks to all those who volunteered to man the booth at the California Bar Associations San Diego Convention this month.

Greg Tesone, ASA
Rick Engstrom, ASA
Patty Sullivan
George LeBaron, GMS
Georgie Stillman, ASA

Along with educating interested booth visitors about the importance of using ASA appraisers, they also provided them with the San Diego ASA Directory. If you find yourself at a function with an opportunity to speak about appraising, consider providing your audience with this handy tool to promote our chapter, it's members, and our website! For copies, please contact our Executive Administrator, Jan Giamanco - 619-501-5444.

Course Notices

Machinery and Real Property Seminars - Oct. 14 in Manhattan Beach, CA


Basic Machinery Identification One-Day Seminar
Registration Form (PDF file - Adobe Reader required)

Going Concern Value and Real Property for Lending, Taxation and Eminent Domain
Brochure & Registration Form (PDF file - Adobe Reader required)

AICPA / ASA National Business Valuation Conference
"Valuation 2 – the Power of Two in Business Valuation"

Nov 14 - Nov 16, 2005 - Bellagio - Las Vegas, NV

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Sherry Cooper

Dr. Cooper is global economic strategist and executive vice-president of Harris Bank (Chicago) and BMO Financial Group (Toronto). Sherry is in constant demand as a speaker and writer because of her ability to simplify and de-mystify the murky waters of economics and finance. The Report on Business magazine calls Sherry the megawatt celebrity economist.

Brochure & Registration (PDF file - Adobe Reader required)
Information at AICPA website.

Calendar of Events & Courses

Listing of current events from the ASA website.

What's Planned for 2006 at UC Irvine?

February 23-26, 2006 - PP/GJ201 Intro to Personal Property Valuation
February 27-28, 2006 - SE100PP - USPAP for Personal Property
April 27-30, 2006 - PP/GJ202 - Personal Property Valuation Methodology-Research and Analysis
June 1-4, 2006 - PP308 Appraising Antiques and Decorative Arts
September 14-17, 2006 - PP/GJ203 - Personal Property Valuation--Report Writing
October 12-13, 2006 - PP445 Report Writing Review
October 14-15, 2006 - PP443 Charitable Contributions: Do's and Don'ts
November 2-5, 2006 - PP/GJ204 - Personal Property Valuation--The Legal and Commercial Environment

Special Interest and Connoisseurship Courses 2006

March 18-19, 2006 - PP424 California Art & Design
May 1-2, 2006 - PP420 Silver: Is It Real?
August 12-13, 2006 - PP428 History and Craft of Handmade Oriental/Persian Rugs
September 18-19, 2006 - PP444 Appraiser's Tool Kit: Fakes, Frauds and Reproductions

Members Need Education Units to Reaccredit Their ASA Designation Every 5 Years

Read about the ASA reaccreditation requirements at the ASA website. (To view this information, you must log into the Members Only section, then, in the left column, click on the Reaccreditation link.)


About the ASA San Diego Chapter

For details about the ASA San Diego Chapter, contact information for Chapter Officers or to locate/contact an ASA designated appraiser to meet your needs, please visit our web site at SanDiegoAppraisers.org For details about the ASA San Diego Chapter, contact information for Chapter Officers .

Chapter Governing Board
President Kim Ufford, AM 619-238-1077
1st Vice President Pamela Bensoussan, ASA 619-420-7782
2nd Vice President Jo Ellen Cole, Candidate 760-758-8315
Treasurer Georgie M. Stillman, ASA 619-563-9000
Secretary David Bowie, ASA 858-395-7043
Immediate Past President Georgie M. Stillman, ASA 619-563-9000
Governor, Region 9 Lee Ackermann, ASA 818-956-6616
District Deputy Director, Region 9 Georgie M. Stillman, ASA 619-563-9000
About this Newsletter

This newsletter is published (September through June) as a service to the ASA Members and the community it serves. If you would like to receive this publication, please contact Georgie Stillman - 619-563-9000.

Newsletter Editor - Georgie Stillman, ASA
Newsletter Published by G-Force Services

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